MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 App Reviews

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Too many adds. Trying to get you to buy something every time you touch the screen.

Fun but over priced

This game is very expensive to play. They have double triple or even 4x the price from last year. If you want to spend several thousand dollars (literally) to build a great team and play go ahead. They use to allow you to buy prime XP and legend XP that went up to 35,000 now the most Legend XP you can get is 2,000. Most times your only getting a 1,000 to 1,200. To break it down $99.00 will get you 10,000 gold coin. 10,000 gold coin won’t even allow you to full upgrade a player. I would guess you need 30k-40K or more to max out a player. So $400 dollars per player times 9 batters. $3,200 Plus 5 pitchers and 5 relief pitchers. So if you’ve got $5,000 to spend on an app. Jump right in... to be clear this is not an exaggeration. Oh and one more thing. As soon as the 2018 season is up. Your game won’t be fun anymore because the will release 2019 and you will need to start over. That’s what they did from 2017 to 2018.


Good game but don’t invest much into it. Game modes like Walk Off Hero is buggy. I hit a two run homer down by 1 and it only tied the game. Should have been 3-2 but it just tied.

Money grabbers

Game was fun for a week then no matter the players or that stats if you don’t spend money you’ll spend money on a new phone when you throw yours through a wall this game is what’s wrong with America

Money racket

Spent 8 months building a team to 70k strength, without spending money other than $1.99 to stop ads. Still cant beat any of the walk off hero or slugfest. Way too many versions of players and not near enough xp or evo to level up your players without spending tons of real money. They give away “gifts” everyday, just to keep you coming back to spend money. This is supposed to be a game. It is actually a money racket that has zero bang for your buck. It’s all “chance”. Or gambling some may say. Save your money. Buy something that gives back. Customer service is the worst. No sympathy. Tough luck is the gist of their responses. The videos they offer to watch to keep playing or restart a game rarely work, and No GLU, it is not my connection. Period. I love baseball. This game is exploiting the names of the game in my opinion. I hope everyone reads this. Thanks for nothing GLU.

Don’t bother

Probably the most rigged game on the App Store. They spend a lot of money to market. They will even give you free stuff but if you don’t spend money the game will lag and you won’t get anywhere. It’s made to spend loads of money. The people who made it are trash. At least make a game fair. The only reason it doesn’t have one star is because they make up fake accounts to off set all the real reviews

Awful game

The game is terrible! I’ve played the previous versions and had fun. The 2018 version is rigged, glitchy and basically a money grab. I’ve deleted the app and I was a VIP. Shame on me.

The flaws of this game

Where do I start. This game has been a disappointment since it was released. Let’s talk about the crust angle you get for hitting. First when the pitcher throws a curve it’s very hard to see it. Second the you can’t tell where the fastball is. Third some pitches go off the screen and come back for a strike. Then let’s talk about drafting players. You get to a certain point where regular 5 star players aren’t special you need prime players. The chances of getting a prime player is 2.5% that’s very low and if you manage to get a prime player good luck upgrading him because prime xp is nearly impossible to get. The only way to get prime Xp is to do the season mode and compete in daily events. I’ll start by talking about the events. You can cruise through out the first and second round pretty easly but when you get to the third round it gets bumpy. Now you are past that and you’re on round 4. You cruise through the first 5 batters then your 211 player can’t win against a 141 pitcher that’s a difference of 70 there is no way you should lose but you do. You get past him finally then you get to Jesus in human form the guy throws 3 curveballs back to back to back keep in mind this never will happen in real life. Since that is out of the way we can talk about the games biggest joke the franchise coins. I have been playing this game for 4 years now maybe even 5 and since it came out it’s had this terrible thing called franchise coins. You can get a player that is maxed out for your league and you’re probably thinking that is cool but it isn’t because you can only have him for a whopping 5 games. I have 70 of these things I rather trade them in for half the gold they are in the store. There is so much more but I don’t feel like typing any more from getting to aggravated at this game.

Don’t waste your money!!!

Decent enough game to waste time on, but don’t waste your money! Not sure about the geometry of how the auto play works, but I was up 8-4 in the 9th inning of a game. I bring in my fully upgraded Craig Kimbrel to close out the game. Well, the game mechanics decide that Kimbrel gets 6 runs scored on him, and I end up losing 10-8! Seriously?!!! The game just cheats you! Tinker with it, waste time with it, but never spend money on this cheat game! So many other problems I can list, but it’s not worth listing because the developers simply don’t care. They send you a vanilla answer of, “That’s how the game was currently developed.”. Until the developers actually show they care about their customer, don’t waste your money on this game!!!

Too much of a money grab to be fun

The concept of the game is really fun and enjoyable. But its too much of a money grab to really be fun. I won’t be playing any more. I wish they would change it so that it could be a fun game.


Love the game but JESUS it’s expensive for what you get!!! That is the worst part, game is awesome besides that!!


To start, their algorithms for events are rigged. Especially in walk off hero event. Towards the later levels, pitchers throw 9 straight unhittable curveballs that don’t even cross the plate. Even with maxed out players who have 40+ hitting rating over the pitchers “stuff”, you can’t beat them. Only way to is to spend insane amounts of gold. Their player boxes are very expensive and have less than a 2.5% of Landing the actual players they advertise. Their “specials” are Marked down from prices nobody has ever seen before. Like the 5k bundle xp pack that was $49.99😂😂. Their customer service rivals Comcast, which is the worst in the world. They do not care about the consumer and only aim to take advantage of competitive, addictive players who are suckers for micro transactions. Their are few I’ve seen not spend any money and have good luck and built competitive teams. But for the most part this game has been ruined and will continue to drive loyal players away.

Poor customer support

They have terrible customer support sent a email a month ago and still no reply.

Tons of Pop up Ads

They offer you a bunch of “deals” of $100 dollars that just pop up and if you push try to back out with the home button you might end up wasting $100. Of course their is not refund policy.

It’s kinda broken

Whenever you get a gift it like the first round draft picks they don’t show that you have any

Awesome Game!

The game is great!!! I would have given a higher rating if there was an option to play games offline.





relocate buy button....

can you please relocate the buy button ? having it pop up after the “ok” button at the bottom of the page las led to A LOT OF ACCIDENTAL USE OF GOLD... SO FRUSTRATING..

Great game but 1 problem

The game is great in general and would give it 5 stars but if I did that you greedy devs wouldn’t even read this so listen.... why in the world does it cost gold to TALK. Just to say I need a club it’s costing me 4 gold per chat. That’s ridiculous and needs fixed!!!!



Won’t load

The game won’t load I have my phone right next to the WiFi still didn’t work so I uninstalled and it still didn’t work.

You’ll never win!

The game itself is pretty fun. But it’s a rip off. I am on Expert level 6 and I have never won the season championship even though I have always been ranked much higher than the opponent. Once you get that far it’s like they don’t allow you to win at all. I have never won a walk off hero event even though I’m always much stronger than the computer. The game clearly wants your money because it pops up ads all the time when you’re trying to play and it causes you to accidentally click it. I also paid for a legendary box. After clicking it the game glitches and the box disappeared.

Rip off

Total scam job by glu. Spend a crap load of money & get horrible customer service. Done spending a dime on this game.

Big problem

You cannot discertain a ball pitched that will hit in the dirt 3feet in front of the PLATE. You will swing and it’ll be too late. Big flaw.

Best baseball game period

I grew up loving video baseball. As much as I love the pitching and fielding aspect of the game, this game is still the best out there.

98% pitches are in the dirt

After reading the reviews, I was expecting some funkiness in the app. What I wasn’t expecting was the game throwing 98% of the pitches in the dirt. Power hitters failing to hit it past the infield, turtles passing the base runners, outfielders catching everything hit to them, even making running over the shoulder catches. There was one glitch where the throw home was late, catcher was facing the back stop and the throw went past him. Yet the runner was called out. I was able to hit a grand slam, then right after that the next 37 pitches were in the dirt. Some dropping right at the plate where it had the illusion of a strike. There seems to be lots of room for improvement in the game play. But what I find the most irritating is the pay for play scheme most developers are turning to.


I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I have just enjoyed. Great game!


Why no Cespedes, Bruce or Conforto? But you have Nick Evans and Matt den decker? You have TJ Rivera and he didn’t even play in 2018. Lol stupid

Don’t buy this game!

I’m a huge baseball fan and for a while this game was great but they have become so greedy trying to sell stuff even going as far as adding pop-ups in the middle of play with the hopes that you accidentally buy stuff because you’re hitting the screen as the pop-ups come on. If you don’t believe me go to their Facebook page and read the rants by all the people that have the game.There were so many glitches they told me to restart the app and progress is saved on Facebook when I restarted the app I lost all my progress and all the money that I spent us down the drain I sent a message to customer care and they said it was an easy fix and they still haven’t gotten back to me a week later guess my business is unimportant! STAY AWAY

Constant ads

If you like constant ads popping up try to hock over priced crap for the game you’ll love this game if not it’s an ok game but really nothing more then a money grab!


Playing the home run competition I clearly hit balls that would be well out of the park, only to see the ball hit above the yellow line and drop back into the field of play. Bogus!!

Annoying Money Pop-ups

After spending $100, one would think the pop ups for money would stop.

Too much lag

Game is good but lags way too much when playing games


It’s a fun game but customer service is HORRIBLE. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game. I had an issue with a purchase and their customer support sends generic responses - they provided no help. I now have to file a claim with Apple. It’s a fun game, DON’T spend money!!

Not any better than last year, which was awful

Getting real tired of contacting customer support and having some minimum wage teenager give me an unhelpful and apathetic response. I’ve tried telling about 5 Star players that I received from boxes that in reality I didn’t actually receive. They were nowhere to be found on my team, bench, or reserves. The responses I get are “The logs confirm you received it.” No, no I didn’t cause I don’t see them and they are not there. Then I get a message saying that the issue is resolved and the case is closed. What kind of support is this? Clearly all Glu cares about is making money and once they have your money they don’t care if you’re unhappy or have issues with their product. No way this has 4.8/5 stars. It’s rigged. I bet Glu employees are told to rate this 5 stars daily.

Cheat game

Playing for awhile and even though my players are 25% higher I still can’t pass many of the games. In then gives you an option to spend gold to continue. Awfully shady if you ask me. Stay away unless you want to give your money to them. Better to spend it on an actual baseball game.

It’s ok

I’ve been playing for a while and the same thing you can’t level people up without spending money and no matter how much better your batter is then the picture you are lucky to get a base it especially in the walk off game mode it’s getting to the point I don’t really enjoy it anymore and I have over 10mil in club points

Tap sports MLB 2018

This used to be a fun game with crappy customer service. Now they’ve made all the events virtually un-winnable and the customer service is still crappy (they take a week minimum to respond, and a resolution can take a month). Plus it is super freaking EXPENSIVE!! It also appears that the more you spend the harder the game is. As long as you don’t mind losing every event and your cash, play this game.

Best game ever

This game is so cool one time I got epic babe Ruth tho is definitely the game that you want to play


This is great I thank the people who made this game its so perfect.


That’s how I rate this.


They should do it so that both batting and throwing can be done. But it is excellent.

Tap sports baseball

I love the game but I wish season mode was easier to get to

Didn’t get my reward

I didn’t get my reward for the weekend prime event for the club


This game is awesome me and my dad are addicted thanks and keep it up

Very Entertaining

This game is fun and easy to play. Very addictive.


best ever


This is fun and interesting


I love this game gets all my attention when I’m free

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