MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 App Reviews

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Rigged Game

I started out hitting ball very well and as I upgraded players my hits kelp getting worse and worse. If you have a Rank 150 hitter going against a Rank 60 pitcher and all you do is hit right back to pitcher every time. When this hitter was a 70 against a 60 pitcher he would hit them over fence. Upgrade suppose to give you more power but it makes you weaker?? The gifts are so rigged. A person that spends real money on game don’t get the better players and the ones that don’t spend money get Prime players?? O well... I am playing different game now and TAP sports can piss off... FIND DIFFERENT BASEBALL GAME AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS ONE!!


The sound almost never works! Why?

MLB 18

Nice app. Graphics are amazing. Glad I got it.

The Game

I have never had a problem with this game. I find it quite amusing

Introduce player trading

Please introduce player trading within the game. That is about the only complaint I have of the game. Other than that it is a great game.

Negative review

Fun game, but after reaching platinum level and spending gold rewarded for reaching said level the powers that be decided to jail my team. Customer support is of no help, and can only forward to someone else that never follows up. Left with restarting or just quitting, going with the latter. There are better ways to waste your time than playing this game.



Decent but

It does not let you pitch or be on the defensive side of the field and graphics are not as good as other games and you need to pay for gold if you want to chat and come on why pay real money for fake gold

This makes no sense

Okay, I will admit that I deleted the app like a month ago, but this was such a ripoff that it stays in my head.And that is saying something. Anyways, the first thing is that I’m a Cards fan, so I’m kind of sour that everything is Cubs. Whatever though. Anyways, I have been playing with the Cardinals, and every player is terrible except Ender Inciarte, (who is on the braves, so what) and Dexter Fowler (who used to be on the Cubs). Also, the fielders make ridiculous catches that make no sense. The stupidest thing is that all pitchers throw insane breaking balls, which curve 27 feet outside at the last second. It doesn’t matter if the pitcher is a 2 overall. There is only one pitch that is possible to hit, and half the time you can’t even tell is a right down the middle meatball. Also, the view is up, so you can’t tell if it’s on the floor. And, I can’t do anything on the game except hit one inning and do nothing else. I have more complaints, but this is getting too long. Just don’t buy this.


This game will keep pitchers in when there not supposed to be in, hitters with high overall are just as good as low overall hitters game as a whole is a waste, your better off not purchasing a single thing, I’m lucky I haven’t. Don’t be that guy


If you read the top reviews, you’ll see that they’re all spot on. Game is a freaking joke. You can smash a ball up the middle and it would be a sure hit because it’s physically impossible for a shortstop or second baseman to get there in time. Now if there was an infield shift involved then i would understand completely, but the players would be in their normal positions making these plays. Don’t even get me started on the outfield. Apparently they’re all gods and can catch hard hit fly balls without even looking that are over their shoulders. Not to mention their built in turbos that allows them to go twice as fast to get you out. If you spent a dime on this game, you’re an idiot lol.


The game is literally stuck on “change nickname” either the name is taken or it says only letters and numbers are allowed, for a nickname. ie (Fonzie, Gog) I don’t see anything but letters in these.

Terrible game

Glad I never spent money on in app purchases, the only players I get from the picks are almost always inactive.

Please Fix the Gameplay!!!

The only way to accomplish anything on this game is to simulate. The actual game has been super laggy/choppy for a while now, making it nearly impossible to time your swing.

Awful customer service

I opened the app, put my phone down, and then picked it back up, by chance when I picked it up my thumb was on the home button. Next thing I know I’ve somehow authorized an 107 dollar purchase. The customer service department wouldn’t refund me and I’m out 107 dollars. Terrible service, terrible game. I’m never playing this or any other game from this company again.

Total money grab

Doesn’t matter how your team is built or who’s at bat. Outcomes are predetermined to illicit purchases


Frustrating as hell, you can have a team with 50,000+ power and lose to a team with 30,000 more often than one would think, and the fact that you’ll have numerous games where you get shutout or get less than 3 hits against teams a lot worse than you is a joke. This game isn’t worth investing much time into.

Game “Conveniently Restarts” while getting Rewards

I can’t count how many times I have won an individual reward thru club vs club battles or any other game modes and have won a prize that I didn’t receive. I love this game play it everyday and also spend money for extras. They need to do something about the restarts.

Run away!

Don’t bother putting in time and effort in this game! Pure and utter trash! Do not walk away from this game... run!

This game is a ripoff

They want u to spend all kinds of money and then rip u off u will never let u win they know nothing bout baseball and I have no wonder why Kris Bryant has endorsed this game shame on u Kris


It’s a fun game but there are a lot of problems. First off, you can clearly watch the players teleport to where the ball was hit, as a lot of people say. Also, even though a batter may be way better than the pitcher you’re hitting against, the hits are all exactly the same, either a crappy single, an impossible catch, a slow grounder that’ll always be an out, or a far line drive/hit that’s caught. It’s nearly impossible to get a hit. Also, the chances are so low of getting anyone even remotely okay, that to actually get someone worth it, you’d probably have to spend a few hundred dollars. Definitely a pay to win system. And the people you can get for free from events are so hard to get that it’s impossible without paying. And the leveling system for your players are crazy hard, it takes about a week to gain the XP for leveling all of your players to bronze level 10, and probably a few months to gain the gold and Elo tokens and xp to get your team to silver level 10. I don’t even want to know how hard it’ll be to get to gold, or platinum, or diamond level 10. Also, I think they took out the ability to chat to people in your clan, which is stupid. I can’t tell my clan members when I’m out of town or at work and unable to play so they don’t kick me, which kills me. If you read all of this, thank you! If you’re a developer of the game, please consider making some small changes that aren’t so money oriented.

Baseball Magic

This game is a blast. You can strengthen your team in multiple ways, add players, learn strategy to hit certain pitchers. Learn to hit to all fields and manage the game like a pro. Choose when to take a pitcher out or make a gut call to leave him in one more inning. The graphics are awesome. If you love baseball you will love this game.

Very Unrealistic

The only person who could think this game is realistic has never played baseball. Hell, they must've never watched baseball! I've never seen so many all star plays by mediocre fielders in my life. I've also never seen a power hitter have so many dribblers to the infield. The game is very unfair and the makers are a bunch of scam artists! Even when you do hit the ball good, usually it's right to a player so they don't even move a step or they figure out a way to cover more ground than Secretariat! I've spent way too much money on this game already and refuse to spend another penny. Once I run out of gold I've purchased I will be deleting this waste of aggravation, time, money, and storage! Kris Bryant should be ashamed that he partnered with GLU! I also lost all respect for him for being part of this giant scam and money pit!

Fun but frustrating

It’s fun but frustrating. You can’t see the elevation of the ball so it’s hard to see when to swing accurately. Otherwise I’d spend some money on it.


This game is made by people who make some of the modes in the game impossible or very difficult to beat without spending real money. The game is absolutely terrible graphics wise and uses A LOT of the same animations when hitting the ball, not even close to real baseball. MONEY HUNGRY

Run away

The game is designed to cheat you. Not worth wasting your time on this game. It’s specifically rigged at a certain point for each user to force you to spend real money or never advance. The events are designed to cheat the user as well only allowing you to reach a certain point before it won’t allow you to go any further even if you actually spend real money. Unless you’re willing to dump a couple hundred dollars a week or every couple weeks you have zero chance of enjoying the game in any way. Go download a jigsaw puzzle app and I promise you’ll have a great deal of more fun than playing this game.

Great app for passing the time

When you just get bored and want a good arcade game to play that doesn’t feel like just a straight line pitching game, this is it for you.

Great game

I love the game but after trying to earn goal through the deals I’ve downloaded 10-15 apps and have attempted to get around 1,200 gold and each time I complete a task it doesn’t register and never gives me the gold after completing the task.

Good Game BUT Not User Friendly

At the core it’s a pretty fun game. Learning the new pitches, getting your timing down & deciding if want to risk taking off for second with a player who has a “fair” chance is all pretty fun, especially when you’re playing against your friends. I would have given this game a solid 4/5 and even flirted with giving it a 5/5 if it wasn’t for this games menu system. From upgrading your team to participating in special event and everything in between is really over complicated and not intuitive in the slightest. If it wasn’t for that I could have given this game a 5/5 but it’s such a hassle that I’ve seen people get frustrated and quit playing all together.

the game

i love the game, i hate when the outfield always catches the ball though! in an actual game not every single time the outfield catches the ball. if it was changed i’d like it more!

Worst customer service ever

This company provides the worst customer service ever. I have spent money on this game but when I encounter a problem they do nothing except make excuses saying they can’t do anything about it. Twice now I have unintentionally spent Gold in the game due to glitches in THEIR GAME and when I ask for a refund of the Gold they say it cannot be done. It can be done, they just want you to spend more money instead of simply refunding you what is their fault. Horrible customer service. After fighting with their customer service I am still unable to get my gold back. I cant believe this customer service. They told me to “be careful while playing their game to avoid making unintentional gold purchases”. I made an unintentional gold purchase being of THEIR GAME freezing and they refuse to refund me something that is THEIR FAULT.

Muy bueno

Muy bueno

So much fun

Love it! Play it everyday, especially during my work breaks.

Desperate for a dime, awful gameplay and overall useless game. 0/10

I haven’t spent a penny on this game due to how cheap the developers and creators are. There are percentages to boxes of things that are at least worth $20 and whatever you spent money on you’ll end up getting nothing for it. It’s not even a pay to win, it’s a pay and maybe there’s a chance you’ll get something you don’t need. It’s a 95% chance you’ll get the opposite of what you pay for and the other 5% is something you also don’t need. Every few weeks they’ll give you a rare box, never gotten anything from it. It’s just bait. Don’t waste your time, invest your time into something else. This game is thirsty for micro transactions and will ultimately be the downfall to what already is a very bad game.

Tap sports 18

This game is trash. Whenever you go to hit the ball it will either be an out or a foul ball. When your in a full game against another player the game allows them to get run after run but your only able to get a single here and there. The game is 100% terrible. Curve balls curve so hard hitting them is completely Impossible. Can’t see wether the balls gonna hit the dirt or not and outfield has speed boost is ball is hit far. Game is terrible I do not recommend anyone downloading. All it will do is piss you off.

You can hang a star on this one

Ohhh my!! Great game, so many different ways to play,,season, player versus player , bonus games, and being able to build your team and your players ability is awesome!!..put me in coach I’m ready to play!!! GF

Be careful! Will cost you $$$!!!

The pop up ads are strategically placed. Just as you're about to "X" out of a screen, a "purchase now" pop up comes on the screen (right where the X is supposed to be) and before you know it, you're buying $29-$99 purchases!!!! Had to dispute with my bank bc they don't make it easy to contact them to get your money back. Such a shady game!

A lot of fun

Perfect game to play while you’re pooping.


Great game but needs improvement thousands of people supposed to play this game but can’t ever find a match player


Don’t waste your time or money. This game is a trap and the company glu is criminal as they come.

Was falsely accused of cheating.

I spent a few months on this game and enjoyed it. Was then falsely accused of cheating. Have seen several people say the same thing happened to them. Don’t play if you plan on investing a lot into it, this could happen to you.

Fun game

I enjoy playing this game it has an easy approach to it.


Great Game!

Tap baseball

Great game


Super repetitive and boring. The company is definitely making money off any chump that continues to play this. Wow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx


Fun game

Good game but don’t spend money

Game is fun. Spent money but the gold didn’t deposit. Will still play but not spending anymore.

Don’t waste your time or money

One of the worse apps I have ever used. Game play is an absolute joke. Has nothing to do with baseball. I’m deleting ASAP

If you this game

This game is great if you cheat...which many players do. The company, Glu, does little to quell the cheating. They actually support the play of some of those that cheat. Do yourself a favor...stay far away from this game.

Don’t do it

The game itself......Not bad. But you cannot play on more than one device anymore, and if something happens, it takes 2 days (probably more, mine still hasn’t been fixed) to fix your account so you don’t have to start all freaking over. Again, game, not bad but not great. Customer service......awful......let me log back in!!!!

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